Team Rostering with ezi-sked

Currently I work at Red Rooster a chain fast food restaurant. While working in fast food I have had considerable trouble with the whole way rostering is done. One time I missed a shift because the roster was updated and I had no way of knowing because I hadn’t been properly notified (ezi-sked does that automatically). So I have written a web app to solve that problem, and save countless hours for managers.

I have made an intuitive system that is designed to simplify and improve the process of rostering, so for instance managers can print of the roster easily for putting on the wall for all employees to see. One time I missed a shift because the roster was updated and I had no way of knowing. Currently there are four main channels that have been built into the system firstly the printout to go on the wall in the store, second is the online app and third is text/SMS shift notifications that send a friendly reminder to staff that need to check the roster and fourth is a weekly shifts update email outlining the upcoming shifts. I am continually trying my best to make it as user friendly as possible. Ezi-sked is expected to start with a $10 a month subscription fee for each store.

Please give me feedback on this idea is this good would you use it or do you want to inquire about having this in your store if so would you please leave a comment and we can get talking.


Trello Tech Stack

While researching for a great productivity tool I found Trello, it is genius programming. While I was looking through their Blog I found a great blog post describing the technologies they use to build their web app. I am inspired to try some of the new technologies they use. Less CSS, MongoDB, and a bunch of other cool stuff. You should definitely check out their site, I will most probably post about whatever I come up with from this inspiration.

Key points that made me love this article

  • They talked about how they prototyped the product.
  • Listing of each technology and why they liked it so much.
  • Frontend and backend
  • MVC and Backbone.js
  • HTML 5 and
  • Used some excellent programing techniques.

Google Drive vs Dropbox

I love Google Drive, but it hasn’t always been my favorite. Not too long ago I was determined to us Dropbox, but Google has won me over.

The difference

When I got my new mac (MacBook Pro with Retina Display) I had to get all new software. I am quite happy with this because I love my new computer and this is all part of getting a mac. When it came to Office software, I thought that before buying Microsoft Office I would try using Google Docs. After doing 2 document assignments, my budget and a presentation assignment I now love the simplicity and ease of Google Drive. I don’t see my self changing anytime soon but who knows.

After my Queensland Holiday

I got to have a stress free holiday too, I didn’t even take my laptop. I left my computer and the internet behind and enjoyed kayaking, the beach, and going on huge rides. Rides like the Green Lantern and Super man at Movie World.  Also the AquaLoop, and Tornato a Wet n’ Wild. Our family had a blast.

To be able to go on our family holiday I had to get ahead in uni, I also had to have completed the 3 Assignments that were due while I was away. So for the month leading up to my holiday I was doing double time uni, then for the week before we left for Queensland I was doing all my assignments. I completed the first two within the first couple of days, but the last one was significantly bigger. So I had to put in extra hours to get it done, so I’m pretty sure that it was like up till 1 am Wednesday, then 2 am Thursday, 3 am Friday and on Saturday I woke up tired at 10 am then didn’t stop programming my assignment until 4o minutes before we had to leave for the air port at 7 am in the morning.

I dosed for like 10 minutes in the car on the way to the air port, but that was it. We boarded the plane flue to the Gold Coast, after landing at the Gold Coast International Airport we had lunch at Hungry Jacks. We collected our hire Tarago, and left for our Accommodation, had a swim and went to church. The Gold Coast Church was great even though I was rediculusly tired and hadn’t slept in ages.

I loved our holiday, who doesn’t love holidays? Yes I was able to get away from it all and enjoy my holiday. I highly recommend holidays to the Gold Coast.