Learner Log Book iOS


I am 16 and in Victoria that means that I can drive a car on a Learners Permit, which is lots of fun for me and very scary for my parents. In Victoria Learner drivers have to keep a Log Book of their driving so that they can prove that they have enough experience when they go for their P’s. After nearly a year of driving practice I have over 100 hours of the 120 hours I need. To Log a trip you have to take a Book they give you to the car and fill out lots of information about the trip then get the supervising driver to sign the log.

What the app does

I have made an iOS App called Learner Log Book to help me record the important information of a Learner Driving trip while I’m on the go, so that I can transfer it to the Physical book later on. I find this especially useful for when I don’t have the Log Book with me. I know of people who use this app with their physical log book at the same time because my app calculates the total time, so they don’t have to.

I have had a very good reviews from this app, a high iTunes rating and lots of people asking me for an Android version I am confident people are happy with the app.


I have thoroughly enjoyed developing this app and have already planned my next app. If you have any good Ideas of changes or apps you want please tell me in the comments.


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