Ryan Carson talk

Ryan Carson’s talk at Creative Bath from Treehouse on Vimeo.

This is a great video that my friend recommended to me, I had a watch and defiantly think its work sharing. If you want here is the blog post that Ryan Carson wrote to go with this video.

I especially like the end bit where he talks about Dashboards and KPIs.


Vehicle Log Book Pro iOS

After making Learner Log Book I needed another idea, the next logical step seems to be Vehicle Log Book Pro. The target Use Case for this app is an Australian small business owner that needs to keep records of the kilometers he travels in his car, so that he can claim them back on tax.

One big useful feature of this app that the others didn’t have is a email history feature. This takes the records stored on the iOS device and emails them in a .csv file. Normal usage for this feature would go along the lines of: once you have a reasonable amount of records (say 6 months) email them to yourself, check they are all there in the email, then clear the devices history. This feature means that records can be backed up and off the device, but not just that because it saves them to a .csv they can open it in excel and edit it and do data mining on it like a normal excel file.

I would like to thank my cousin for helping me with the logos.

Why I love Coda 2!

Coda 2 is an amazing web development program for mac. They have a great blog post about some of the hidden features most people who have Coda 2 don’t know about I recommend it www.panic.com/blog/2012/07/top-20-secrets-of-coda-2/.

How did I learn about it and why was I so keen to get it?

Ben my mate had the previous version and loved it, so when Coda 2 came out we jumped on it. Coda 2 came out about a month before I got my Mac, which is all good but it came out on a limited time %50 off new release  sale. So for me it was a no brainer get it early and save $50, because I had already decided to get it.

How I find it better than Eclipse & other options?

  • Style/Inspiration – First of all this is rather mediocre but I do love the way it is designed, and I find it help encourage and inspire you to write things even better than Coda 2.
  • Upload & FTP – The upload features in Coda 2 smashes Eclipse on all levels, they don’t even compare. This would probably have something todo with the fact that the guys a Panic also have an amazing FTP program, so they already put lots of effort into FTP algorithms.
  • Much, much more.

What I use it for and how I use it?

Developing websites and web apps primarily, I use it with GitHub repos and I have also used it for school projects. I have never had a problem with it and I love to use it. For any development your IDE/SDK dictates how easily and quickly you can find errors and write good code and I have found no hindrances in this version of Coda