Why I love Coda 2!

Coda 2 is an amazing web development program for mac. They have a great blog post about some of the hidden features most people who have Coda 2 don’t know about I recommend it www.panic.com/blog/2012/07/top-20-secrets-of-coda-2/.

How did I learn about it and why was I so keen to get it?

Ben my mate had the previous version and loved it, so when Coda 2 came out we jumped on it. Coda 2 came out about a month before I got my Mac, which is all good but it came out on a limited time %50 off new release  sale. So for me it was a no brainer get it early and save $50, because I had already decided to get it.

How I find it better than Eclipse & other options?

  • Style/Inspiration – First of all this is rather mediocre but I do love the way it is designed, and I find it help encourage and inspire you to write things even better than Coda 2.
  • Upload & FTP – The upload features in Coda 2 smashes Eclipse on all levels, they don’t even compare. This would probably have something todo with the fact that the guys a Panic also have an amazing FTP program, so they already put lots of effort into FTP algorithms.
  • Much, much more.

What I use it for and how I use it?

Developing websites and web apps primarily, I use it with GitHub repos and I have also used it for school projects. I have never had a problem with it and I love to use it. For any development your IDE/SDK dictates how easily and quickly you can find errors and write good code and I have found no hindrances in this version of Coda



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