Vehicle Log Book Pro iOS

After making Learner Log Book I needed another idea, the next logical step seems to be Vehicle Log Book Pro. The target Use Case for this app is an Australian small business owner that needs to keep records of the kilometers he travels in his car, so that he can claim them back on tax.

One big useful feature of this app that the others didn’t have is a email history feature. This takes the records stored on the iOS device and emails them in a .csv file. Normal usage for this feature would go along the lines of: once you have a reasonable amount of records (say 6 months) email them to yourself, check they are all there in the email, then clear the devices history. This feature means that records can be backed up and off the device, but not just that because it saves them to a .csv they can open it in excel and edit it and do data mining on it like a normal excel file.

I would like to thank my cousin for helping me with the logos.


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