Bootstrap is amazing

Recently when I decided my main website needed an update. I had to of course decide on a design and so I chose to use Bootstrap to help make the site. Man Bootstrap is amazing, it changes everything, especially for guys like me who come from a code perspective.

Key features

  • Base CSS – This feature is one you can easily change but I like it, basically its just a new standard format and way of writing html code so the base elements look cooler. 
  • Responsive Design – So with bootstrap its very easy to make your website responsive. Which means that the page will change depending on the screen size. The easiest way to see this is to get a responsive Bootstrap website and drag the width of the screen down.
  • JS extras – Basically on top of all the standard cool things that Bootstrap does it also adds a tone of Javascript control.
  • Forms – Man the forms are amazing. It is just instant transformation, look and work amazing.
  • Navigation – Bootstrap comes with a cool default navigation bar.

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