Trello is an amazing product that I use pretty much everyday.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 3.58.34 PM

Where I found Trello

I found out about Trello while listening to a great talk, I recently wrote about this exact talk, here is my blog post about it. That talk is by Ryan Carson, he talks about a few business concepts and ideas that have helped him being a Entrepreneur. One of the areas he touches on, is his standard day, and how he organises it using this amazing product called Trello. So naturally after hearing him rave about Trello, I decided to Google Trello, and found this extremely helpful Web App.

Why I have grown to love Trello & How I use it

Out of the limited amount of organisation methods/programs I have used in my time, Trello is like no other. With the unusual Board, List & Card they have made a program that I use daily. I don’t know if everyone finds it as intuitive as me, but I find this organisational system just makes sense. The First Board I ever made was a ‘Personal Time Management’ board, I hope this is pretty self explanatory. Then that board looks a bit like this:


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