12 Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki


How do you view Steve Jobs? How do you view what Steve Jobs Achieved?
Well how would you view him if you had worked closely with him in two jobs, and your work with him was a defining moment in your carier. Well Guy Kawasaki has, and he has an insight into how one of the greatest entrepreneur minds of our time thinks and works.

Guy’s Good points

If you really want to know what Guy thinks about Steve Jobs, it would be best for you to watch it yourself. But here are some of the points that stood out to me.

  • “Experts” are clueless – Someones title doesn’t actually mean they know more about your situation than you do.
  • Customers cannot tell you what they need – What they will tell you is better, faster cheaper. But when you want a new direction or product you have to find it on your own.
  • Biggest challenges beg best work
  • Design Counts – Lots of people care about design, “It is a lot easier to enchant people with great stuff, than crap”.
  • Big Graphics, Big Font – Every slide was simplistic and big, Steve Jobs has slides with one word
  • “Work” or “doesn’t work” thats all that works.
  • “Value” is different to “Price”
  • A players hire A+ players – B hire C hire D hire E, this is called the bozo explosion
  • Real CEOs can demo
  • Don’t worry be crappy – The first version can have elements of crappiness. Don’t ship crap, just ship things that aren’t perfect.