Why I got an iPhone 5?

Why not 4?

When selecting my phone one unusual recommendation that I got was to go with an iPhone 4S. People who were recommending this option had and used both and reckoned that they iPhone 4S was a better device and the battery had superior life. In the end I decided not to choose a iPhone 4S because going with an iPhone allowed me to test and develop my apps for the new screen size. In my personal use of the iPhone 5 I have experienced no issues with the battery.

Why not Android?

Well this has to be the biggest opposition of my choice, Android is a huge platform with a growth rate that supparses that of the iPhone 5. There are two reasons I based my decision away from Android on, the first is that I already have a couple of Apps on the iOS App Store and not being able to show them to people in conversations because they don’t work on my phone would be very annoying. The second is that I want to continue making iOS Apps, because from my perception the iOS market is more willing to purchase my Apps than Android users.

Average App Prices

Why it suits Eden?

Personally I like the simplicity and ease of use offered by iOS, I’m not so interested in changing settings and customising my device. So in that respect the iPhone is an even better fit for me.



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