Hello, World!

Melongena – PHP Template

Well that was fun

I have been programming away having tonnes of fun today, and its only 4:36pm! I’ve been at this project since 6am when I turned up at work to find out that my shift was instead scheduled for 6pm. Today I have made 32 commits!

I haven’t used GitHub in ages! See:

@EdenVicary's GitHub activity as of 2013-09-06 at 4.40.45 PM

GitHub is great! Using GitHub for development is just so easy! I was having so much fun today, I also used GitHub pages to create a page for myself. I created this repository, and because it follows their special naming convention they have server serve it up at edenvicary.github.com. Its so simple, for a start I’m just using the automatically generated themes, but may choose to make my own custom page at a later date.

What I created/moulded

So I have created/moulded from the project template and layout, I’ve been using on my other projects, like my business website. Its simple and it works.

Why Name it Melongena?

Because its a shell, this template is only a skeleton for you to duplicate and mould/fill-out.  Melongena is also a shell, the Melongena shells come in quite a large number of different shapes, sizes, and forms. Just like your projects will be!

Project layout

The project layout is simple, check it out here. The main working files are:

  • /css/
    • main.css – Any project custom css
  • /img/
  • /includes/
    • phphead.php – Stores defaults and maily site wide data
    • header.php – Store nav and other html head data
    • footer.php – Site wide footer with standard javascript and analytics calls
  • /scripts/
    • main.js – Custom javascript
  • /index.php – Home file duplicate this for new files

I’ve been using this pretty successfully,  but if you have some great idea that makes it better. Please send me a Pull Request.

Example content

Check out a hosted example


So you can see what the blank project looks like when its hosted, I put it up. Go ahead and check it out, even look at the 404 page that it throws when you search for something that doesn’t exist.

Its ready and waiting for your content and customizations.

What I used

I’ve used lots of different things from all over the web, but probably the two most crucial are:


I love Twitter Bootstrap and I’ve been really enjoying the version 3.0 improvements. The default project uses the raw default bootstrap theme, if you would like to use a different standard template Bootswatch do some pretty cool designs.

HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate is a community driven HTML5 template that I took some great inspiration from. Looking at this project helped me get the 404 page together.

Where I want to take it

In the future I plan on using  jmathai/epiphany for a project thats just around the corner. So I’ll probably, and quite reasonably be expecting to make a Epiphany template. Stay tuned.


MAMP Pro – website

MAMP Pro – website

Today I finally made the jump!

Since I moved to mac I have been wanting to stop using MAMP and pay for the MAMP Pro version. Today I finally did it! I could never bring myself to buy it, but today I decided I really wanted to use the local dns feature bad enough that I would do it.

Now, instead of making a call to:


I can just simply make a call to:


How cool is that! I’m very happy with the purchase.


Are you writing things you’re proud of? Well humans.txt is a simple idea to help the world recognise the people behind the websites we like. If you would like view their website.


On the humans.txt website, its mentioned that an argument for the use of humans.txt is the common practice of writing a robots.txt. Although as you can see my robots.txt is very simple and doesn’t do anything.

User-agent: *

How do you find it useful?

The place I personally see humans.txt in the world is probably in the open source community and in code shared over places like GitHub. Where there is a high traffic of people who are actually interested in the sorts of information that is actually kept in a humans.txt file. How do you see its usefulness? (comment below)

17 units done 7 to go!

Eden's School Photo

This is my Year 10 school photo, I commenced my University studies about 2 months after this photo was taken.

My ‘different’ education setup!

So I’m 17 and have completed 17 units of my Bachelor’s Degree, how does that work? In year 10 I had the opportunity to do a year 12 I.T. subject, while doing this as part of my regular schooling. I decided to take up the challenge of also doing some introductory Computer Science subjects as well. After completing those subjects with rather successful grades, I continued further through that summer. After that summer we decide there wasn’t too much point in me doing VCE (My year 11 and 12 studies), because the ATAR mark you get at the end is for the sole purpose of getting you into a university course. My parents and I decided it wasn’t necessary for me to continue with, ‘normal’ school, considering I was already at Uni.

We all know the old Apple campane, ‘Think Different‘ right? Well this was a real, ‘Think Different’ decision moment! One interesting thing we decided I should do is stick around through year 11 and just do English. The reason we thought this would be good is that I’ve never really been that good at English and I know how incredibly valuable those skills are to my future, especially with where I want to go.

Where I’m at

As of now writing this Blog post, I’m about to commence my 9 th consecutive back-to-back overlapping study period, having just completed last SP’s exam the other day. Whether or not it was a wise decision or not, I chose to complete all my major first, doing all the subjects which involved topics I was already familiar with. Now having completed all of those I’m at a point in my Uni studies where the material I’m learning is all fresh information that I haven’t ever looked at before. Which is both challenging and exciting, I’m finding out all sorts of exciting information about subject matters that are somewhat related to the Business Goals and Aspirations I hold.

Where I hope to go

I plan on taking these remaining 7 units quite slowly, while utilizing more time for my Business activities. I value the effort I put into my business activities, because I find this is where I learn the most, learning how to cater to customer needs and desires. Fulfilling orders and marketing product offerings, are all valuable experiences that are building and equipping me for my future plans. I am trying to grow my business through both making my own Apps and Websites, like Vehicle Log Book Pro, and also through doing contract work. I hope to see these two lines of business grow to make quite an exciting and Passionate brand in the future!