Bootstrap 3.0

I have been loving using Bootstrap in my projects, so of course a new update just makes it cooler!

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a handy frame work that sits on top of your html and CSS and makes it look as it should across the board. Its gives it a clean attractive style off the bat, and a bunch of really handy tools that just make developing for the web so much easier. I think after using bootstrap a little, that I will be building projects in it for a long time.

Some of the Cool new toys:

  • Sizeable div spans: Its really handy having the ability to change the size of , in 3.0 the way it handles div sizes has completely changed and is now much better.
  • Icons: the new way you do icons with
  • Styling: The default style has been completely revamped and the new one is really nice.

I will definately be using Bootstrap 3.0 in all my new projects, the changes and refinements are quite welcome.


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