Supercharged Hello World Android

Why try Android?

I have decided to start developing for Android, simply because of numbers and demand. I know that the Android user base has grown to an unignorable size. I have well and truly gotten sick of hearing, “No I can’t download your app, because I have android”. So to cut my teeth on Android I decided to make a complex rendition of Hello World that uses all Multi View/Page Navigation, List View and Data Storage. So I’ve been using Google’s Android Studio, and thoroughly enjoying the development experience.


The App

With my previous programming experience, and specifically iOS development learning Android, isn’t so much learning something new, but more re-applying my knowledge to a new system. But there are a few key differences between Android and iOS the first one that I encountered was the way that Android handles views and navigation, or should I say Activities. So getting the ability to go between screens was an important problem to conquer.

Then once I had Multiple Activities operational, I had the great difficulty of getting a ListView to work, I estimate that I followed 4 different tutorials on how to do ListViews in Android before I finally got an Activity displaying listed content. Once I had a Data Controller operation and one of the buttons adding timestamps to the end of my list I decided to investigate storage and keeping the data between Application loads.

In the end I fixed all the problems and got my super charged Hello World operating as it should, now all I have todo is start on some apps that will be actually useful to users.


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