Mover of Men and Mountains


Although he grew up in a christian home, a true relationship with God was not something he inherited. R.G. LeTourneau had to grow like everyone does, first as a teenager he accepted christ as his own, then through lots of growth he came to a place where he was juggling running huge business operations and preaching all over the world, getting from place to place with private aircraft. Growing to a Godly Leader lead by his close relationship with God. R.G. LeTourneau takes us on the technical and spiritual journey he took through his life. It is awesome hearing about how God connected the dots between his array of skills and knowledge to create totally revolutionary inventions. Personally I found the business and God motivated giving an even more interest component to this book. Where throughout his life he was continually being motivated and prompted to give of himself, his time, and his resources to put into action the areas of need that God placed on his heart.

My Opinion

I loved the message he conveyed through this account of his life, and he told it with the most interesting stories. It is always great to learn from other’s mistakes and in this account he wasn’t afraid to lay down some of his mistakes. My favourite was his account of what happened in the 2 years following, the year he decided to invest the tithes from his work into his business and not the interests of God, now that was a highlight of the read. The most inspiring part of the story is hearing how he followed the promptings he felt the Lord giving him and they worked for the good of the Kingdom. God used him.

I thought the book was amazing, and I recommend it to everyone.


How would you stop sex slavery?

On the 27th of Feb if your friends are anything like mine, your Instagram feed would’ve been filled with photos that all look very similar to the one above. End it Movement was having a campaign to raise awareness about the incredible need of a those who are trapped in modern day slavery. I don’t know about you but I want to see the 27 million people trapped in slavery set free!

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.32.32 pm

Campaigns like this are awesome as they build up media attention an a ground swell, it puts this issue on T.V. and in people’s conversations. I don’t just care about End it Movement although they are doing a great work, some other awesome groups are A21 and one hundred for 100 which is by someone I know personally. These people are doing awesome campaigns, but their campaigns would be nothing unless it translates into testimonies of people getting freed from slavery. That is what its about. I believe these organisations are more focused on this goal that I am, and as they should be. They are doing awesome work around the globe rescuing and rehabilitating people from horrible circumstances. They run these campaigns to make change and influence people, to GET STUFF DONE. So what are we going to do?



I don’t know about you, but I think at times God really presses things on our hearts. Whenever hearing about the horrific circumstance that these slaves are in, I have always had the knee jerk reaction of wanting to protecting them. At the age of 13 – 14 at conferences hearing about the horrific mistreatment, abuse, violation and torture. I had imagined plans that I could make a career as a SWAT team missionary taking rescue strike teams into brothels, and carrying out the drugged up, broken and hurting slaves, efficiently loading up a brothel amount of people into special rescue escape vans. In my imagination these plans were always protected with the Lords covering and without fail always went off without a hitch.


What if you had $27 Billion?

I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to the front lines and if it will even look like that. According to one sex slave’s report that is exactly what they dream about on the other end. What if? 

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funded by big bucks and likes tackling big ambitious goals. Like their Polio project, they aren’t trying to make the vaccination free in every country of the world or anything small like that.  The plain and simple just want the world to be rid of it, so they are funding all the vaccinations you could possibly need and equipping people to administer them to where ever it still exists. Could you imagine if they gave you $1,o00 per slave globally to free them all. What would you do?


Would you train up rescue crews and start your own privately run not for profit GIAAS (Global Intelligence Agency Against Slavery)? What if you succeeded and you were able to free every single slave globally. What would happen then? How would you cope with the 27 million emotionally and physically broken people you have just rescued. Extreme worldwide counseling service?

What then? You also would have to provide 27 million people new working opportunities. Most of whom have been trained into the cruel cycle of forced sex work. Heck imagine the poor view of men, the majority of those girls would have. Everyone needs a community/family to belong to, and lots of these people’s families wouldn’t exist anymore or wouldn’t be a welcoming place for them to return to. Would you put them all together and start a new city where they can all heal together?


Is rescuing slaves the 27 million people solution?

Whos to say the day you take forced slave labour brothel’s ‘product’ (aka valued humans that aren’t being treated as valuable) they wouldn’t turn around to their ‘suppliers’ (people who resort to stealing girls and selling them on to make a living) and make orders for ‘fresh stock’? Would you actually be fixing the problem? According to economics as long as there is customers willing to pay for something the market will produce it one way or another. That is how we have this problem in the first place!

Are slaves the only victims?

What causes a man to purchase a person, a girl, and treat her like an animal (or worse). Reducing her to the complete and utter feeling of worthlessness. What hurt and pain are they going through? What motivates these types of people? You could try to solve the problem by counseling the organisers, if you convinced every slave owner in the world to change their ways would you have solved the problem yet?

What causes a man to pay to be locked in a room with someone who is trapped there so that he can do things to her she doesn’t want to do. There must be some pretty serious things going on in his life. What if you found all the customers of all the brothels all around the world and counseled them to a point where they chose not to use the services of the sex slavery industry? Would that fix the problem? Wouldn’t the Brothels notice the lack of business and start boosting their ‘marketing efforts'(Who knows what that would mean, and what consequences that would have)? If there was no customers, do you think the slaves would be set free or would they be treated like animals as they have been the whole way along and just ‘removed’?

Where is God in all of this?

Any of these plans are to fix slavery in your own strength, as a Christian I’d way prefer to do this in God’s strength. After all he expresses how much he doesn’t like this in his word. “Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker” (Proverbs 14:31 ESV) I would say God cares greatly about the people he has created, and seeing them be mistreated and abused is something he doesn’t stand for. The whole situation is fraught with the devil and his doing, why shouldn’t we as God fearing Christians be chasing God and his solution?

I don’t know about you, but my life is so much better with Jesus, and wouldn’t his grace and love be the real solution. When I think of these problems, I can’t think of one that Jesus couldn’t fix. I believe them having Jesus is even more important than moving on from their situation (even though Jesus can do that too). Because I’d much rather someone, die in slavery and live eternally in heaven, than be free from slavery while on earth, only to find eternal bondage and slavery of worse kind in hell.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.36.30 pm

What we can do

But isn’t this really all just talk? I want to know what I can DO! Yes media support is helpful. But the most influential thing I can think of is getting on my knees and praying:

John 14:13-14 Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it

Alongside talking to the one person that can actually fix this(Jesus Christ), I would find a way to support what others are doing. A21 has a great list of 21 Things you can do.

Slavery, especially sex slavery, gives me the feeling of anger, in a way that I want to be an instrument of bringing God’s kingdom on earth.


Please note this is purely my own opinion and is not founded on any personal experience with the subject matter discussed. I am however open to other opinions and recommendations.