Mover of Men and Mountains


Although he grew up in a christian home, a true relationship with God was not something he inherited. R.G. LeTourneau had to grow like everyone does, first as a teenager he accepted christ as his own, then through lots of growth he came to a place where he was juggling running huge business operations and preaching all over the world, getting from place to place with private aircraft. Growing to a Godly Leader lead by his close relationship with God. R.G. LeTourneau takes us on the technical and spiritual journey he took through his life. It is awesome hearing about how God connected the dots between his array of skills and knowledge to create totally revolutionary inventions. Personally I found the business and God motivated giving an even more interest component to this book. Where throughout his life he was continually being motivated and prompted to give of himself, his time, and his resources to put into action the areas of need that God placed on his heart.

My Opinion

I loved the message he conveyed through this account of his life, and he told it with the most interesting stories. It is always great to learn from other’s mistakes and in this account he wasn’t afraid to lay down some of his mistakes. My favourite was his account of what happened in the 2 years following, the year he decided to invest the tithes from his work into his business and not the interests of God, now that was a highlight of the read. The most inspiring part of the story is hearing how he followed the promptings he felt the Lord giving him and they worked for the good of the Kingdom. God used him.

I thought the book was amazing, and I recommend it to everyone.


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