Why I’m excited to #goeverywhere

The hope, the love, the grace that Jesus brought needs to be shared!

I love yesHEis’s campaign for #goeverywhere! If you want to share the message of Jesus, make it simple and let him do the work. What a better way than with the love of Christ at the center.

For too long the internet has a bad reputation in church! Its a tool, just like a kitchen knife, we get to choose whether we use it for good or let the devil use it for sin. The internet can be utilized by the church for so much more than a time waster, a distraction and place to sin. Today it stops, we change things, we join together and Share Jesus. I’m so excited for what God can do when his kids band together for his glory, this is all worth it for just one extra person in heaven! Together we can change this and #goeverywhere

I love it when Christians band together and change things for Jesus, but unless it communicates Christ’s message its useless. I love seeing the church represented God with the creativity and clarity that he has given us. The #goeverywhere campaign is doing this, clear messages, top quality marketing and a website that people can comprehend. #keepitsimple

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. Read More

Our job as christians is to introduce people to the Jesus that has changed our own lives, God is the one who saves. Lets get together and share our Jesus, and #goeverywhere.


Love God. Love People.

God’s Call for Us

Jesus changed the direction of my life, He made me new. Ever since then I’ve been passionate about seeing my relationship with God be more than words, but instead extend to my very existence. I believe that we are made to worship God, in every part of our lives: our work, our speech, our driving, our resting, our singing, everything. To me a life of sacrifice a life ‘sold out’ for Jesus is doing everything for his glory. As a christian captured by the love Christ gave me, I want to love God and love the people he’s put in my life and never stop telling the world how much I love my God. I can do all the greatest things for example, I could move mountains, I could preach the truth, I could become a martyr, but if I do not have love it is all meaningless (1 Corinthians 13, or The Song).


YesHEis are an awesome organisation of christians that are building tools and making stuff happen. Their goal is to break down the walls between us and sharing Jesus, so that we can share Jesus more. Now if someone is honestly just sharing the love and truth of Jesus I’m all in, so you beat I was sold when I heard about  the #goeverywhere campaign.  All I needed to see was the punch line, and I was hooked:


Love God.

Love People.


Its that simple, I love simple, thats probably why I love #goeverywhere. As christians we need to know the simple version of our testimony, of our mission. How do you expect a homeless person to understand you if you are throwing ‘Christianease’ and ‘big words’ into every sentence. Keep it simple.

#goeverywhere Campaign

So I’m pretty confident that yesHEis do Jesus loving stuff like this all the time, but right now they are focusing on a campaign to spread the simple yet profound love of Christ. Its awesome, for all the details check out goeverywhere.co. They have an awesome story and I just love the Campaign video:

The Package

So heres my situation

I learnt about #goeverywhere, I loved it and I was telling everyone about it. Well obviously I was wearing the shirt a lot (and washing it a lot), but I made my mistake when I decided to wear it to the kids ministry stuff I was doing… It got destroyed.

Brendon to the rescue

Brendon one of the awesome guys that works at yesHEis wouldn’t let my situation go unresolved, I messaged him and laid out my situation. Then a couple of weeks latter, I get a package in the mail. New shirt, personal message and a mission:

tones of cards love god love people


I was excited about the T-shirt and the cards do look super cool, but I must admit when I saw that many cards I was a bit daunted by the challenge.

How on earth do I give away probably around 500, cards! All I can say is that now 3 days later I only have about 20 left.

I’m a youth leader at my local church so armed with a truckload of awesomeness (the cards) and a wearing the shirt, I am telling everyone how awesome God is and how this campaign is doing great stuff to empower us. I gave heaps out, and to people who got super excited like me, I gave a handful and together, we spread this simple truth throughout the youth program and further.

Because its not about us, its about God and God is love so Go. #goeverywhere

Great Apps solve a problem

Having created iOS and Android apps myself it intrigues me how people have such a desire to create apps. I found it interesting when I released my first app, people outside of the industry so often had the expectation that my apps would make me a millionaire. In all the assumption that there is a correlation between apps and success is absurd.

Through making my own apps and looking at new ideas of my own or for clients it begs me to question, what is it about the apps that I use that makes them so compelling. Therefore what would I identify as a major factor of an apps success? Well some of the the apps I use the most are; Facebook, Mobile Banking, Evernote, Trello, Bible, Instagram, Spotify, Google Drive, and Facebook Messenger.

All the apps that I use rely heavily on the internet and are on the large part useless without the internet. More importantly, using them on my phone only provides me with limited functionality. It seems to be that these successful apps have simple ways of solving basic and fundamental needs.

Facebook Messenger, simply allows me to message people, nothing more. My mobile banking has quite limited functionality but I can securely view my accounts and transfer funds to accounts that I already have in my accounts list. It address the banking tasks I perform most frequently but nothing that’s over and above that. I can’t transfer money to a new account from my phone.

What allowed Instagram to experience such success? None of the features in Instagram were a new, people could share photos from their phone, and there were plenty of apps to edit photos. I believe Instagram finds a simple and elegant way to tie in the human desire to share experiences and to be creative. Now look at how much growth they have experienced since their initial release.

So my question now whenever I’m thinking of mobile is how can we make that idea less complicated so that it can do less things and do them to a higher quality – and at the same time, address the basic needs of the target audience?

Originally Posted in the Digitalsmith Journal