Why I’m excited to #goeverywhere

The hope, the love, the grace that Jesus brought needs to be shared!

I love yesHEis’s campaign for #goeverywhere! If you want to share the message of Jesus, make it simple and let him do the work. What a better way than with the love of Christ at the center.

For too long the internet has a bad reputation in church! Its a tool, just like a kitchen knife, we get to choose whether we use it for good or let the devil use it for sin. The internet can be utilized by the church for so much more than a time waster, a distraction and place to sin. Today it stops, we change things, we join together and Share Jesus. I’m so excited for what God can do when his kids band together for his glory, this is all worth it for just one extra person in heaven! Together we can change this and #goeverywhere

I love it when Christians band together and change things for Jesus, but unless it communicates Christ’s message its useless. I love seeing the church represented God with the creativity and clarity that he has given us. The #goeverywhere campaign is doing this, clear messages, top quality marketing and a website that people can comprehend. #keepitsimple

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. Read More

Our job as christians is to introduce people to the Jesus that has changed our own lives, God is the one who saves. Lets get together and share our Jesus, and #goeverywhere.



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