7 Things I Love about My Family

So I’m living up here on the Sunshine Coast, its been great working at Christian Vision. Although I must admit its a little far away from my family, I haven’t seen them in 76 days! Thats about to change I’m going to fly home for a week soon and see them! This evening I was walking along the beach and I thought that instead of just feeling like I miss them or feel super excited that I’m about to see them, I would rather capture some of the things I love about them in a list:

1. We care about each other

When we are going through stuff we help out, sometimes thats Dad tell me to try harder (this sometimes doesn’t feel immediately caring), or Mum making my favourite meals actually any meal meal made by my Mum sounds good right about now.

2. We help out

I was on the phone today to my aunty Maree and she pointed out how it Dad offered that my family would come over and help with painting as part of the reno they are doing, you know just pitching in and helping out. Its also great hearing about all the lawns that my brother Jireh is mowing for his aunty, Nana and neighbours. Helping out isn’t always the most fun thing you can think of, but I’ve got so many memories of banding together and helping out, because we’re family.

3. We celebrate

In our house birthdays are special. Last year I flew home for my 19th birthday, so I wake up on my birthday (with a song and hugs) and then my parents, siblings and I get in their bed. Presents were given and then Mum brought out breakfast in bed (on our special crockery), I can’t remember a birthday that wasn’t like this and its great. Its not just birthdays either we celebrate Mothers day, Fathers day, Christmas and various achievements.

4. We relax together

It may not be the best choice, and the last time I watched TV was in Geelong, but I know that when I get back to Geelong. Unless there is some even on, my family will probably be watching  a ‘family movie’ together after dinner (that we also had together) every night. What I like about this is it’s something that we can all do together and I do know that it keeps us connected.

5. We talk

We are all going through things and we have each other’s backs, so when I’ve got a business question (which can be pretty regularly) I’ll ask Dad. When I have a girl question I’ll ask Mum or Evangeline, we just talk about everything, our dreams, our struggles, what we want and what we don’t what. Through this we grow and bond together.

6. We sort it out

One time at Tafe my Father heard some of the married women talking in a circle about their husbands, and it wasn’t encouraging Dad thought, “I don’t want my wife speaking horribly about me like that, if she has a problem she should solve it with me”. So Mum and Dad agreed that whenever they had a problem, they would only discuss it with each other. I think this policy really helps build relationship that are strong and built on trust.

7. We are intentional

Dad remembers choosing characteristics that were going to make up our family culture and one of those is the birthday breakfasts. We can’t change our past but we can change our today and choose our future, so lets make it full of love and joy.

Your family might have all of these things too and thats awesome! Strong family is super important.

I love my family.