About Eden

The serious version…

Eden is a passionate young man, striving to honour God in everything he does. He likes to work hard, in everything, family, God, church and his company. Life is a journey, Eden is keen to see people know and Love Jesus like he believes we are called to.


The back story…


I’m grateful for the blessings from my upbringing, with two fantastic christian parents, that still love eachother a heap! I’ve always been passionate about God, his word, his presence, his love. Helping out at my local church Waterfront just feels natural, and regularly mixing the sound for there is loads of fun too. I am quite passionate about going everywhere with the message of Jesus, at the moment I’m doing this in my hometown, one day I hope to be doing mission trips everywhere sharing the love of Christ (The background photo is from my last trip).

If you don’t know Jesus check out this awesome video.


Ever since I ran my mowing business at the age of 9 I’ve been wanting to do something bigger. I love being inspired by great christian business men, having that encouragement spurs me on. Nothing is more important to me than my Jesus, so following his direction on my life is key. At least for this part of life I feel called to be an entrepreneur for Jesus, the result of this is Vicary Technologies.


In primary school, I didn’t want to have anything todo with computers, thinking that they were a waste of time. Well that has certainly changed. Around the age of 14, my best friend and I started asking the right questions of an expert programmer at our church. That hobby quickly became a skill, and I enrolled at one of the nation’s best universities while only 15 years old (I skiped years 11 and 12). I have done lots of different projects and a few apps, but my passion stays with a Godly entrepreneurial focus.


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