Client Side SQL with Movies I want to see!

While playing with all the new web technologies I decided to use Client Side SQL to make a simple web app. Tossing around with ideas I decided to make a simple wish list for movies, I found a great API that would allow me to get info about the movies called TMDb, and started the hard process of setting up a working Client side SQLite database, to store the users wish list.

I started by using this Client Side SQL tutorial and this great TMDb guide it took a bit but I got it working happily in the end. Here’s the link to the App, and after I make it I decided that it would make a great GitHub project (I’ve talked about GitHub before) so here is a link to the GitHub project. If your mouse has crazy stuff happening in the background on the app thats because of a great HTML5 Javascript API here’s that link.

After all that it only works on Chrome and Safari because all the others aren’t up to scratch on supporting the Client Side SQL. I was thinking of ways of getting someone to actually use it so I put it onto the Chrome Web Store, here it is. I actually really liked putting it on the Chrome Web Store because I get way more views than I imagined it would get.


Why I’m trying version control with Git and GitHub?

I have been developing for a while now and the extent of my version control is an archive folder, which stores time stamped folders for each version of the software.

My Old Archive Folder with lots of time stamped folders

The Old system

Yeah, I know I need to improve. That is why I have started using Git. For a while now I have know about SVN and Git but until now I have never wanted to change, I had no desire to change the old system (hey it worked). But recently I decided to make the jump to Git and found it extremely easy.

The way I have started with Git is by installing GitHub for Windows. WOW, that program is nice. While I use it (in Windows 7) I constantly feel like I am 2 years into the future of Microsoft GUIs. At first I was apprehensive but after a day of use I love it. One feature I love about it is the fact that I have not once needed to enter the Terminal, but if I ever wanted to they make it as easy as one click away to exactly where I would needed to be.

GitHub has simplified the process to what it should be. One video that helped me appreciate GitHub and Git was this (Sorry about the length but its worth it).

GitHub for Windows isn’t just a handy way to manage your local GitHub repos but also I use it to manage non GitHub repos in Windows. I also love the simple install and setup you never need to mess with the Terminal or keys it just works. They as they say on there website, “The easiest way to use Git on Windows. Period.”

Soon I will be moving to Mac and I will have more choices between Git manages, I will not just install GitHub for Mac because I want to see how the competition implement virtually the same thing. So I intend use Tower for at least the trial period. But WOW $59.95 that is no small price tag.

If you want you can follow me on GitHub @EdenVicary.