ezi-sked iOS Alpha Release


I am a self taught programmer. What I mean by this is, that the majority of my programming knowledge comes from what I learnt myself or could find good resources on. Now saying that, I have since done a bachelors degree, so I can reasonably call myself a profesional software engineer. But before starting uni I taught myself a considerable amount of programming knowledge. When I say, ‘taught myself’, I don’t want to undermine the importance of mentors and peer influences on my life. I have a fantastic support network that requires much recognition. Anyway, how does this relate at all to ezi-sked? Well during that time of learning I worked on a early prototype version of ezi-sked, because I had the need of a similar product at my own workplace.

ezi-sked iOS Alpha App Store

Why ezi-sked? (The short version)

While 15 and working in the fast food industry, I felt the lack of a effective rostering system at my workplace. It even went so far, that I missed shifts because I couldn’t access the rosters when I needed the information. So I set about creating a product that would solve my dilema. I have a keen interest in making an effective simple system for all users, both management and employees. My rostering will have a strong focus on getting employees to the shifts they are rostered for, Effective processes to ensure the shifts employees have rostered for them are ones they can actually work, in a seamlessly simple way. On top of that I have exciting plan to improve the alert systems so that everyone who is effected may have the correct knowledge, at their disposal when the need and want it.

Why ezi-sked iOS?

So I made a prototype sometime ago, now I want to get the ball rolling again, so for the Alpha release I decided to go mobile first. My plan it that decision is, I am able to expand and improve the app, with the development of the Web App Beta now so that I have a product that I can market to both stores and workers in fast food restaurants.

How & What features?


At the current Alpha version as of (March 2013) ezi-sked has a limited functionality, in comparison to what it will have in the future. The features in the current version are creating editing and deleting rosters and shifts, so that you have a record of rosters with you wherever you go.


Shifts arrive on your phone from your store manager and you can view them, call your manager. Also you can turn on the ability to be notified 30 min before your shift. You can also activate a feature where other people you live with can have rosters available to them aswel.


Client Side SQL with Movies I want to see!

While playing with all the new web technologies I decided to use Client Side SQL to make a simple web app. Tossing around with ideas I decided to make a simple wish list for movies, I found a great API that would allow me to get info about the movies called TMDb, and started the hard process of setting up a working Client side SQLite database, to store the users wish list.

I started by using this Client Side SQL tutorial and this great TMDb guide it took a bit but I got it working happily in the end. Here’s the link to the App, and after I make it I decided that it would make a great GitHub project (I’ve talked about GitHub before) so here is a link to the GitHub project. If your mouse has crazy stuff happening in the background on the app thats because of a great HTML5 Javascript API here’s that link.

After all that it only works on Chrome and Safari because all the others aren’t up to scratch on supporting the Client Side SQL. I was thinking of ways of getting someone to actually use it so I put it onto the Chrome Web Store, here it is. I actually really liked putting it on the Chrome Web Store because I get way more views than I imagined it would get.