GitHub (Photo credit: Irish Typepad)

For ages I have used and enjoyed source code management with Git and GitHub over the last year. With the GitHub plans it is only useful to a point because to host private repositories you need to pay for a subscription. Where as with Bitbucket, “Unlimited private/public Git code hosting, totally free”. I was surprised by how much I like and enjoy their product offering, it really took me back with is simplicity and attractiveness. Don’t get me wrong I still love GitHub and any project that I want to be publicly available will be going up there. But I cannot complain with free Git hosting, now can I.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.34.59 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed setting up my Git Repos last night, it took no time at all! I take my hat off to the guys who develop Bitbucket they have made a quality App. It is quite simple to set up and what you need is where you want it in a very attractive way. Its so easy to get going, obviously I have no problem with the free service and boy is it effective! GitHub has its place for my joint projects but Bitbucket is where I’ll be keeping my private code.



Are you writing things you’re proud of? Well humans.txt is a simple idea to help the world recognise the people behind the websites we like. If you would like view their website.


On the humans.txt website, its mentioned that an argument for the use of humans.txt is the common practice of writing a robots.txt. Although as you can see my robots.txt is very simple and doesn’t do anything.

User-agent: *

How do you find it useful?

The place I personally see humans.txt in the world is probably in the open source community and in code shared over places like GitHub. Where there is a high traffic of people who are actually interested in the sorts of information that is actually kept in a humans.txt file. How do you see its usefulness? (comment below)