Are you writing things you’re proud of? Well humans.txt is a simple idea to help the world recognise the people behind the websites we like. If you would like view their website.


On the humans.txt website, its mentioned that an argument for the use of humans.txt is the common practice of writing a robots.txt. Although as you can see my robots.txt is very simple and doesn’t do anything.

User-agent: *

How do you find it useful?

The place I personally see humans.txt in the world is probably in the open source community and in code shared over places like GitHub. Where there is a high traffic of people who are actually interested in the sorts of information that is actually kept in a humans.txt file. How do you see its usefulness? (comment below)


Why I got an iPhone 5?

Why not 4?

When selecting my phone one unusual recommendation that I got was to go with an iPhone 4S. People who were recommending this option had and used both and reckoned that they iPhone 4S was a better device and the battery had superior life. In the end I decided not to choose a iPhone 4S because going with an iPhone allowed me to test and develop my apps for the new screen size. In my personal use of the iPhone 5 I have experienced no issues with the battery.

Why not Android?

Well this has to be the biggest opposition of my choice, Android is a huge platform with a growth rate that supparses that of the iPhone 5. There are two reasons I based my decision away from Android on, the first is that I already have a couple of Apps on the iOS App Store and not being able to show them to people in conversations because they don’t work on my phone would be very annoying. The second is that I want to continue making iOS Apps, because from my perception the iOS market is more willing to purchase my Apps than Android users.

Average App Prices

Why it suits Eden?

Personally I like the simplicity and ease of use offered by iOS, I’m not so interested in changing settings and customising my device. So in that respect the iPhone is an even better fit for me.

Apple vs Samsung


Two big successful companies clashing horns for mobile market dominance. Niether of these companies started with smart phones, but instead a diverse background of TVs, computers, MP3 players & Air Conditioners. They have grown into beasts who regally clash horns and take chunks out of each other. They do this while, trying to attract the mobile consumer market. They have their wounds and their trophies, but this war isn’t over. They may endlessly battle but also copy, so battling has made them stronger.

Mutual Product influences

Samsung products changed drastically after Apple released their iPhone

Image via AllThingsD

Thirty years ago mobile phones weren’t around but in 2013 everyone and their dog has a phone. I even know multiple people who have several smart phones, so I am quite left out, and when I tell people I don’t own a phone I often get weird looks. Its 2013 and 17 year old App Developer and Second year Computer Science Major doesn’t even have a phone, well thats another story and I do want to change that fact. Wanting a phone maybe why the question of which phone is for me, is such an interesting question. In the picture above you can clearly see the effect of Apples design decisions on Samsung’s products. What is harder to show and isn’t shown there is Samsung’s effect on Apples products, over time and through Apples updates they have improved and added features that are clearly an influence from Android and Samsung. Product influence is not the only thing that is similar between the two companies.

Approach & Demographics

Apples approach since about when Steve Jobs returned (1996) has been, make the best and the consumer will love us for it, where as Samsung has a different approach. Apple have one phone product the iPhone, it has variations in capacity and colour but its still the one product. Personally I know a CEO and I know a homeless person and both of them have exactly the same iPhone. There iPhones were made in the same factory and they cost the same amount to them, the Samsung product rang offers a wider breath in prices. The apps these two people have on their phones are completely different. Consequently because they use their phones for different activities, but its the same phone with the same price tag. Where as Samsung has a huge range of phones, and these phones range in price and features, so that people find a device thats suites them. Through this marketing and product development decision Samsung has won customers that don’t want to conform to Apple and instead want a device designed for them. At the moment Samsung’s market share is faster growing than Apple, and so this is cause of though for me being an iOS Developer.

App Developer Dilema

Well as an App Developer I am around the mobile industry more than most, and also in a different way than the general population. Previously I mentioned how I am planning on getting a smart phone, well I have to make a decision. Up until this point I have only made iOS Apps but I feel that Android wouldn’t be overly difficult for me to pick up and that I would like to branch out into that segment. As a primarily iOS Developer and a Mac user I would personally prefer to buy a iPhone, but as an entrepreneur I would also like to expand my business opportunities by offering Android App Development. The way I would learn Android is by owning one and porting one of my existing apps to Android. Currently I have a small inner conflict. Do I follow personal preference or business opportunity?


Apple and Samsung both create products that are getting smarter and you can see that competition has healthy results on their current offerings. These two product ranges have quite broad demographics. Both companies supply great solutions with broad ranges of benefits, some factors which could sway your decision that are more specific could be price range, accessibility and availability of specific Apps. Both companies have great product offerings, and I can see no general major contributing factor in swaying you either way. Personally it would almost be smart to get both, but hey I don’t know whether or not the budget will agree with that.


Trello is an amazing product that I use pretty much everyday.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 3.58.34 PM

Where I found Trello

I found out about Trello while listening to a great talk, I recently wrote about this exact talk, here is my blog post about it. That talk is by Ryan Carson, he talks about a few business concepts and ideas that have helped him being a Entrepreneur. One of the areas he touches on, is his standard day, and how he organises it using this amazing product called Trello. So naturally after hearing him rave about Trello, I decided to Google Trello, and found this extremely helpful Web App.

Why I have grown to love Trello & How I use it

Out of the limited amount of organisation methods/programs I have used in my time, Trello is like no other. With the unusual Board, List & Card they have made a program that I use daily. I don’t know if everyone finds it as intuitive as me, but I find this organisational system just makes sense. The First Board I ever made was a ‘Personal Time Management’ board, I hope this is pretty self explanatory. Then that board looks a bit like this:

Bootstrap is amazing

Recently when I decided my main website needed an update. I had to of course decide on a design and so I chose to use Bootstrap to help make the site. Man Bootstrap is amazing, it changes everything, especially for guys like me who come from a code perspective.

Key features

  • Base CSS – This feature is one you can easily change but I like it, basically its just a new standard format and way of writing html code so the base elements look cooler. 
  • Responsive Design – So with bootstrap its very easy to make your website responsive. Which means that the page will change depending on the screen size. The easiest way to see this is to get a responsive Bootstrap website and drag the width of the screen down.
  • JS extras – Basically on top of all the standard cool things that Bootstrap does it also adds a tone of Javascript control.
  • Forms – Man the forms are amazing. It is just instant transformation, look and work amazing.
  • Navigation – Bootstrap comes with a cool default navigation bar.

Vehicle Log Book Pro iOS

After making Learner Log Book I needed another idea, the next logical step seems to be Vehicle Log Book Pro. The target Use Case for this app is an Australian small business owner that needs to keep records of the kilometers he travels in his car, so that he can claim them back on tax.

One big useful feature of this app that the others didn’t have is a email history feature. This takes the records stored on the iOS device and emails them in a .csv file. Normal usage for this feature would go along the lines of: once you have a reasonable amount of records (say 6 months) email them to yourself, check they are all there in the email, then clear the devices history. This feature means that records can be backed up and off the device, but not just that because it saves them to a .csv they can open it in excel and edit it and do data mining on it like a normal excel file.

I would like to thank my cousin for helping me with the logos.

Why I love Coda 2!

Coda 2 is an amazing web development program for mac. They have a great blog post about some of the hidden features most people who have Coda 2 don’t know about I recommend it

How did I learn about it and why was I so keen to get it?

Ben my mate had the previous version and loved it, so when Coda 2 came out we jumped on it. Coda 2 came out about a month before I got my Mac, which is all good but it came out on a limited time %50 off new release  sale. So for me it was a no brainer get it early and save $50, because I had already decided to get it.

How I find it better than Eclipse & other options?

  • Style/Inspiration – First of all this is rather mediocre but I do love the way it is designed, and I find it help encourage and inspire you to write things even better than Coda 2.
  • Upload & FTP – The upload features in Coda 2 smashes Eclipse on all levels, they don’t even compare. This would probably have something todo with the fact that the guys a Panic also have an amazing FTP program, so they already put lots of effort into FTP algorithms.
  • Much, much more.

What I use it for and how I use it?

Developing websites and web apps primarily, I use it with GitHub repos and I have also used it for school projects. I have never had a problem with it and I love to use it. For any development your IDE/SDK dictates how easily and quickly you can find errors and write good code and I have found no hindrances in this version of Coda

Client Side SQL with Movies I want to see!

While playing with all the new web technologies I decided to use Client Side SQL to make a simple web app. Tossing around with ideas I decided to make a simple wish list for movies, I found a great API that would allow me to get info about the movies called TMDb, and started the hard process of setting up a working Client side SQLite database, to store the users wish list.

I started by using this Client Side SQL tutorial and this great TMDb guide it took a bit but I got it working happily in the end. Here’s the link to the App, and after I make it I decided that it would make a great GitHub project (I’ve talked about GitHub before) so here is a link to the GitHub project. If your mouse has crazy stuff happening in the background on the app thats because of a great HTML5 Javascript API here’s that link.

After all that it only works on Chrome and Safari because all the others aren’t up to scratch on supporting the Client Side SQL. I was thinking of ways of getting someone to actually use it so I put it onto the Chrome Web Store, here it is. I actually really liked putting it on the Chrome Web Store because I get way more views than I imagined it would get.

Learner Log Book iOS


I am 16 and in Victoria that means that I can drive a car on a Learners Permit, which is lots of fun for me and very scary for my parents. In Victoria Learner drivers have to keep a Log Book of their driving so that they can prove that they have enough experience when they go for their P’s. After nearly a year of driving practice I have over 100 hours of the 120 hours I need. To Log a trip you have to take a Book they give you to the car and fill out lots of information about the trip then get the supervising driver to sign the log.

What the app does

I have made an iOS App called Learner Log Book to help me record the important information of a Learner Driving trip while I’m on the go, so that I can transfer it to the Physical book later on. I find this especially useful for when I don’t have the Log Book with me. I know of people who use this app with their physical log book at the same time because my app calculates the total time, so they don’t have to.

I have had a very good reviews from this app, a high iTunes rating and lots of people asking me for an Android version I am confident people are happy with the app.


I have thoroughly enjoyed developing this app and have already planned my next app. If you have any good Ideas of changes or apps you want please tell me in the comments.

Team Rostering with ezi-sked

Currently I work at Red Rooster a chain fast food restaurant. While working in fast food I have had considerable trouble with the whole way rostering is done. One time I missed a shift because the roster was updated and I had no way of knowing because I hadn’t been properly notified (ezi-sked does that automatically). So I have written a web app to solve that problem, and save countless hours for managers.

I have made an intuitive system that is designed to simplify and improve the process of rostering, so for instance managers can print of the roster easily for putting on the wall for all employees to see. One time I missed a shift because the roster was updated and I had no way of knowing. Currently there are four main channels that have been built into the system firstly the printout to go on the wall in the store, second is the online app and third is text/SMS shift notifications that send a friendly reminder to staff that need to check the roster and fourth is a weekly shifts update email outlining the upcoming shifts. I am continually trying my best to make it as user friendly as possible. Ezi-sked is expected to start with a $10 a month subscription fee for each store.

Please give me feedback on this idea is this good would you use it or do you want to inquire about having this in your store if so would you please leave a comment and we can get talking.